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  • 8 no. ranging from 40 HP to 160 HP all running on low ground pressure tyres (LGP).


  • 4 no. ranging from 3 tonne to 22.5 tonne.
  • 180 degree backhoe loader.


  • Chain trencher for the installation of main drains in suitable conditions.
  • Wheel trencher for the installation of lateral drains 80 mm and 100mm.This machine loads the excavated material and places the pipe and gravel simultaneously.
  • Double wheel trencher for the excavation and backfilling of 2 sand slits simultaneously.
  • Cable plough for the installation of cables and irrigation pipes.

Gravel carts

  • 2 no Self-propelled carts running on LGP tyres.
  • 2 no Tractor drawn carts running on LGP tyres.

Earth moving

  • 2 no dump trailers on LGP tyres.
  • 2 no dump trucks
  • 3 no conventional tipping trailers on LGP tyres.

Sand spreading

  • Spinner type spreader.
  • Bottom drop spreader.
  • 10 tonne bottom drop spreader for use on construction projects.

Pitch levelling

  • Blec grading box , laser controlled for accurate grades(+/- 10mm) on subgrades and on topsoil.
  • Land levellers to suit compact and full sized tractors.

Stone removal

  • Stone picker, removes all stone and debris from 25 mm upwards from the top 300mm of topsoil.
  • Stone burrier, used after the stone picker an for the incorporation of sand on construction projects.


  • Various cultivators including spring tine with levelling board, disc harrow ,etc.

Decompaction (construction)

  • Conventional 3 leg subsoiler.
  • 5 leg shallow subsoiler with full width wings.
  • 2 leg deep ripper.


  • Blec drop seeder with Cambridge roller


  • 2 no. Spinner and bottom drop sand spreaders.
  • 2 no. Wiedemann XT8 vertidrainers.
  • Charterhouse disc overseeder for use on existing surfaces.
  • Range of finishing mowers incl roller and deck types.