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Carefully executed earthworks are the foundation of any good pitch construction.
We laser grade the subsoil formation level to create a uniform surface free of undulations and hollows. This ensures that the surface layer of topsoil maintains a constant depth parallel to the sub grade. The accuracy of this procedure determines the quality of the surface and the ease of the aftercare and maintenance in the years to follow.

Top soil reinstatement.

Low ground pressure equipment working on the subgrade.
Top soil levelled using an excavator working off the sub grade.
Top soil is laser graded using low ground pressure equipment to prevent compaction.
No pushing topsoil with a dozer

Stone Removal

NFSD removes all stone above 20mm from the topsoil using a specialised machine on low ground pressure tyres.
Niall Foran Pitches does not recommend stone burying large stones. Stone burying often hides the problem which can compromise verti draining for maintenance in the future.
Niall Foran Pitches does not stone crush. Stone crushing can create the potential for sharp shards of stone to appear on the surface, thus may cause injury.


Niall Foran Pitches has a wide variety of specialised cultivation equipment to carry out the cultivation of all soil types in preparation for seeding.
All equipment runs on low ground pressure tyres
We have a number of various cultivators including spring tine with levelling board, disc harrow ,etc.


Spreading and incorporation of sand

We use a range of specialised sand spreaders (spinner and bottom type) to achieve even distribution of the sand layer specified for the project.
For larger construction projects we also have a 10 tonne bottom drop spreader.



All seeding is carried out using a Blec seeder mounted on a compact tractor.

All pitches are seeded in a minimum of 2 directions.