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The implementation of a proper maintenance program is essential to the performance of a pitch surface. A pitch is similar to a car in so far as it needs to be serviced regularly and the more often it is driven determines the frequency of the maintenance. The quality of the materials and equipment used will have a direct impact on the result. At Niall Foran Pitches we recommend to use only USGA spec sand i.e. Wexford sand as this is approved by all leading experts in sports field management to be the most suitable and it gives consistent results. Other locally sourced sands may be less effective and in some cases have a detrimental effect on the pitch.

A basic maintenance program would consist of spreading of sand, verti draining and fertilizing.

Sand spreading
All sand spreading by Niall Foran Pitches on finished or existing surfaces is carried out using the latest spinner type spreaders to give an even and fine distribution of the sand on the playing surface.

Verti draining
Verti draining is a decompaction process that lightly heaves the surface of the pitch. There are other machines promoted as a solution for decompaction but it is generally accepted that verti draining is the most effective.

Overseeding of a pitch is a process of sowing or stitching in new grass seed into an established surface to supplement and thicken the existing grass. This is done using a machine that cuts narrow shallow grooves in the surface and places seed in them.

Fertilizing is undertaken using proper slow release fertilizers which give a consistent growth pattern over an extended period. This avoids the fluctuating growth pattern associated with agricultural fertilizers when used in a sportsfield situation.
These processes usually form the core of an annual maintenance programme and are totally non-invasive and the pitch can be returned to play immediately. At Niall Foran Pitches we use the latest up to date compact tractors and equipment to undertake this work thus ensuring that it is carried out in an efficient manner with minimal impact on the playing surface.

maintenance of sportsturf

spreading USGA specified sand

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